US ELECTION: Top Republicans In Congress Urge Trump Not To Conced


The electoral votes of the United States of America has been analynised with mixed reactions from the country’s Republican party law makers.

Some Prominent Republicans in the US Congress, on Sunday has urged President Donald Trump to “fight hard” and not concede to Joe Biden in the race for the White House.

They claimed that Trump’s allegations of fraud must be investigated.

Some of the Republicans also told Trump that legal challenges must be allowed to play out before he takes the next action.

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Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said on Fox News: “We will work with Biden if he wins, but Trump has not lost.

“Do not concede, Mr. President. Fight hard.”

Other top Republicans were, however, more careful with their comments, but nonetheless refused to acknowledge Biden’s victory, saying legal battles must happen and vote counting must continue.

What we need in the presidential race is to make sure every legal vote is counted, every recount is completed, and every legal challenge should be heard.

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“Then and only then that America will decide who won the race,” Kevin McCarthy, the top Republican in the House of Representatives added.



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