The National Association Of Sea Dogs Confraternity Alerts On COVID-19


The National Association of SeaDogs aka Pyrates Confraternity held a sensitization workshop on Saturday, tagged “Stop The Spread Of COVID-19” to alert the public of the safety measures of managing the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was held at confraternity hall in Umuahia , Abia state.

Dr C’fine Okorochukwu , the medical adviser, National Association of Seadogs, Pyrates confraternity (NAS-PC)  in his speech advocates the regular washing of hands .

“If running water is not available, use of sanitizer and when u are using sanitizer, make sure it is minimum is 70% alcohol based because we have seen a lot of low quality sanitizers in the market and most people think they can rub anything and it protects.”Dr Okorochukwu said.

The need to adhere to social distancing rule was also pointed out and warned that despite the fact that government is opening up the economy, it doesn’t mean that the disease has gone.

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“Government is opening up because of the economic impact, people cannot remain indoors forever. People are hungry and people have to come out and source for what to eat. The actual fact is that we should maintain social distancing in whatever we are doing, avoid occasions like burials, weddings, church activities and so on, these are highly necessary.” Dr Okorochukwu added.

The use of face shield was also emphasized.

“The use of face shield must be with face mask, and not for fashion. In areas where somebody can slash on you or to prevent any flash, somebody can sneeze into your face, that is where it is necessary. Face shield should never replace the use of face mask.”

The high risk areas of COVID-19 was given as Banking hall, Shopping mall, air-conditioned cars and airplane that has air conditions. It was said that it is better to drive without air-condition.

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The medical adviser of the confraternity is against the opening of schools for now.

“Schools should wait for now because schools doesn’t have the infrastructures and facilities to contain or implement the infection and prevention control of COVID-19 pandemic. Cases are rising and contact tracing is poor. If schools re-open, most of these students have to travel from far and wide states to come to their schools, so some people will be coming down with COVID-19 physically. Also, the accommodation of the hostel and classrooms to meet the social distancing rule is a challenge. ” Dr Okorochukwu revealed.

While answering questions fed by Journalists on ground, Dr C’fine Okorochukwu said:  “The association also affirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the Nigeria health system and pleaded with the government to invest more on the health sector. “This has thought us a lesson to improve on our medical system.”

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While responding to the call of opening market while advocating for closure of Churches by government and medical experts, Dr Okorochukwu pointed out that “market can’t be compared to churches because churches is in a closed space and their activities involves a lot of singing, clapping and shouting,  it produces a lot of aerostat to the air and now it has been confirmed that COVID-19 is an air-borne disease. But in market places people don’t stay there for long because people buy and go.”

The Association of sea dogs confraternity emphasized that the government need to do more in contact tracing and providing all the necessary materials needed such as motivating the health workers while citizen on their own part should maintain safety rules, social distancing and stay safe.




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