Policeman Kills Colleague In Shooting Spree


Police Inspector Monday Gabriel, of 21 Police Mobile Force (PMF) Squadron on Sunday morning had gone berserk after killing a member of police team led by him, Sergeant Felix Okago, at Onikan on Lagos Island.

Gabriel was said to have gone haywire after a disagreement with his team members around Onikan   and opened fire on his colleagues, killing Okago, and allegedly injuring others.

About  36 live ammunition were said to have been recovered from Gabriel, who   displayed  possible Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) upon his arrest by the police.

After Inspector Monday Gabriel was arrested and tied with ropes by policemen from Ilaje  Police Station  in  Bariga, Lagos.

He was quoted saying: “MY spirit, reject pollution in the name of Jesus Christ. Instead of polluting my spirit, take me home in the name of Jesus Christ. Take me home in the name of Jesus Christ.”

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It was learnt that immediately sensed Okago’s  death , he drove off from the scene and headed for Akoka, Lagos where he ran into a gutter along St Finbarr’s College Road (now Rev. Father Dennis Slattery Road}.

Further frustrated by the development, Gabriel of 21 Police Mobile Force (PMF) Squadron Abuja attached to the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), jumped out of the metallic grey Pick Up van and started a shooting spree that caused many  residents of the area to panic.

About 500 metres from where the pick up disappointed him, he moved to the front of  33 St Finbarr’s College Road where he knocked severally at its door without a response from any of the residents.

At that pointed, he began firing directly at the metal door and then turned to another house adjacent and shot  sporadically into the air.

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A resident, who   said he saw the policeman knocking and shooting  a few metres away , put the number of shots at between 100 and 150.

“I was sitting a few metres away meditating  when he arrived at about 5.30am. When he was knocking I was not scared but  when he started firing I had to sneak out. I even wanted to record him with my phone but I was too scared. That man must have fired not less than 100 or 150 times because he was well  armed.” A resident added.

Two  other residents, who said they took cover when the shootings started, said they were lucky  that no bullet  hit  a gas shop in front of the house on 33 St. Finbarr’s College Road,  otherwise, the story would have been disastrous.

Narrating her ordeal, a lady who gave her name simply  as Ayomide, said they were praying around 5am or 5.30am  when they suddenly started hearing gunshots.

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Ayomide said, “We thought robbers had arrived. We were scared, we were vigilant and we were   afraid afraid at the same time. We sensed that the person firing  was  so mean.

“He was firing seriously. Everybody was afraid. He wanted to enter. He was asking  who is in the house?

“But nobody answered him. He was firing at the door so the bullets penetrated through the iron door, hit all bottles, crates, chairs, buckets at the corridor and then the  walls and  even our  ceiling.

“The doorsteps of most of our tenants here were hit as well. It is only God that saved us in this area. They say he is a policeman. I do not know a normal policeman that will do that kind of thing. Even armed robbers cannot shoot like that.”



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