Lagos State Govt Defends 5G Network In Nigeria Amids Fears


Lagos State Government has assured there is nothing to fear over purported danger posed by 5G technology to their health.

It declared controversies over the technology were unnecessary.

The Government also said it has re-invigorated its e-governance operations, with the innovation of the LASG Campus Network, an enterprise infrastructure that connects thousands of computers from all MDAs within and around the secretariat for e-governance operations.

The Commissioner for Science and Technology, Mr. Hakeem Fahm, disclosed these at the 2020 Ministerial press briefing, commemorating the one year in office of the Sanwo-Olu led administration.

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He added the state was fully committed to leading in ICT for greater good of Lagos State and the country.

He said: ‘The 2G will support voice, text messaging and multi-media. The 3G went further with increase in capacity, about 20 megabits per second, now you go to the 4G with increase in capacity.

“With 5G we are talking about increase in capacity, whereby if you take a movie a two hour movie it can be downloaded in matter of ten seconds. 5G is highly efficient and highly desirable you will be able to do more with less.

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‘’In terms of the safety, World Health Organisation conducted studies on the electromagnetic radiation coming out of all the networks and finally they came out with a report that there is nothing wrong with all these wireless technology. Wireless is safe.’’


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