Niger Assembly Moves For Sever Punishment For Sex Offenders

Close up of man hands holding a woman hands for rape and sexual abuse concept, Wound domestic violence rape, sexual assault, stop violence against women, human trafficking.

Sex offenders in Niger State may face death penalty just as the state House of Assembly has moved to make death penalty and life sentence the punishment for rapists and other s in the state.

It directed the state’s Chief Judge to designate a special court that will try rapists and other sexual offenders.

The Assembly took the decison while deliberating on a matter of urgent public importance raised by the member representing Gurara Constituency, Binta Mamman, following the rise in rape cases in the state and other parts of the country.

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The lawmaker decried the recent rise in rape cases, especially in Niger State, where an 85-year-old woman was raped and a father had incestuous relationship for seven years with his two daughters.

“We need stiffer punishment for these people. Most of these sexual offenders commit these offences repeatedly. The most surprising thing is that this is not only about girls; it also applies to the boy-child. If there is a stiffer punishment on the ground, these people will understand that what they are doing is wrong,” Mamman said.

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According to her, a stiffer punishment needs to be made so that sexual offenders can regret their action.


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