Exclusive : Abia state PDP Congress In Focus – Time To Get It Right


    Many a times life does not offer us second time to make a right or refocus ourselves on the path to make it or get it right.

    Those saddled with the leadership of driving People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have done well on the path to moving forward in terms of gaining more elective seats even though very few were lost due to circumstances beyond the Party, leading to the dangers and fears of the unknown.

    Anyways, the recent adoption of Equity by Abia State founding fathers (particularly the PDP family)in election, selection, nomination or appointments into key positions in Abia State have been decisions too many and applauded by all right thinking people of our own dear God’s own state.

    As we thank the founding fathers of our State we must reserve Great thanks to a man of character in the person of our Governor, Okezie Victor Ikpeazu Ph.D who embraced this course of equity and today has once again exhibited support to rightful, rational reasoning.

    The recent decision that took the center stage, admiration and acceptance of the PDP family is the approval holistically of the proposal and resolution of the congress committee headed by Arch. Ezem the Chairman of the PDP congress zoning committee and other reputable and notable Abians.

    The Abia State PDP Caucus accepted the report of the epoch making Committee whom paramount in their submission is the macro zoning of the position of the PDP Chairman to Abia South and further micro zoning the seat to Ukwa axis to further reduce tension, rift, acrimony, unhealthy competition and rivalry.

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    The Ukwa axis notably sagacious can boast of eminent personalities in the State namely Senator Adolph Wagbara, Rt. Hon Emeka Stanley, Sir Don Ubani (Okwubunka) Rt. Hon. Asiforo Okere, Hon. Paul Taribo , Rt. Hon Chinedum Elechi, Engr. Solomon Ogunji, Chief Nwaji, Chief O.C Nwamuo, Hon. Sam Nwogu and many others.

    It is worthy of note that while this zoning system has favoured Ukwa axis, care and caution must be taken to ensure the maximisation of the benefits there in this un common wisdom to elect into office the most qualified candidate from this axis without bias and keeping in view the new growth expected of this tedious and tasking office going forward.

    Senator Adolph Wagbara as the leader of PDP in Ukwa and other prominent leaders of the Party in Ukwa have the delicate task of bringing the dreams of Abia State PDP family to reality and make the PDP family happy for this very wonderful decision.

    With the parade of outstanding suitors in the persons of Rt. Hon. Emeka Stanley, Rt. Hon. Asiforo Okere, Rt. Hon Chinedum Elechi speculated to be gunning for this same post , little doubts are in our minds that the party shall make a mistake keeping in mind there are lots of materials to choose from.

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    If we pause a little and decide to place some of the candidates under the microscope and tear them pieces by pieces to evaluate what makes them tick, it will further broaden our chances of getting it very right this time around.

    If we view critically their escapades we can see that one man stands taller in our profiled spec of the kind of person who can handle the position best than the others.

    He is gifted with the knack, leadership and political sagacity to tenaciously drive situations successfully through hard times and when the situation is flourishing.


    From Political cradle to his present growth he has been the chairman of the defunct NNC in Ukwa LGA and the Secretary of NRC in Ukwa LGA all in then Old Imo State. He was Once Chairman and House of Assembly contestant UPN Ukwa LGA of Old Imo State.

    He saw to the organization of PDP for Ukwa East alongside Chief Lambert Nmecha and later a member of PPA organisational set up in Abia State. In 2008, he formed the PPA in Anambra State.

    He was one of those who worked for and ensured the reintegration from PPA to PDP under the leadership of His Excellency Chief Sir (Dr)T.A Orji and was in the forefront of the organization of PDP in Abia State nay Ukwa East.

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    For over 15years, he has been the campaign arrowhead for PDP in Ukwa East, led party election victories alongside other Stakeholders.

    He has held elected and appointed political positions in the party at the three levels of government.

    All these stands him out as eminently qualified, seriously advantaged, and with an uncommon knowledge and experience to hold the position of the State Chairman of the PDP Abia State.

    The leadership prowess which he has exhibited over time, in all ramifications stands him very tall, towering above his peers.

    He is gifted and for those whom God almighty chooses for positions, he is like Moses trained and enabled for this very important not small an assignment of taking
    over the mantel of leadership for our Great Party.

    He is a simple man, a team player, unassuming and a firm character.

    On him we can saddle this responsibility and gain the best dividends and advantage of zoning this important PDP Chairman position to Ukwa.

    We will continue to thank our Governor and others who deemed it necessary that the people of Ukwa deserves this position.

    Once again, we appreciate the role of equity.

    Thank you.

    From Kingsley Agumba


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