Covid-19 Video : A Must Watch Video For Conspiracy Theorist – How The World Survived Something Greater Than Coronavirus And Measures Taken To Contain The Spanish Flu of 1918


A lot of conspiracies has continued to trail the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some have tried to establish a connection between the virus and the 5G network.

While others are of the opinion that it is connected to the new world order where vaccination is intended to use to Usher in the new world order.

Yet some think it’s a calculated scheme to reduce the world population!

In this video, a Spanish Flu survivor recounts his experience during the period.

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he Spanish flu, also known as the 1918 flu pandemic, was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic. Lasting from January 1918 to December 1920, it infected 500 million people – about a quarter of the world’s population at the time. 

Number of Deaths: 50,000,000 

Virus strain: H1N1

Confirmed cases: 500 million (estimate)

Disease: Influenza

Period: January 1918 – December 1920

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