Coronavirus: Health Minister In Uk Tests Positive


A minister in health department in the United Kingdom (UK), has tested positive for coronavirus, in a statement by British MP Nadine Dorries on Tuesday, she said “raising concerns about whether senior government figures have been infected.

“I can confirm I have tested positive for coronavirus… and have been self-isolating at home,” said the Conservative MP.

Efforts are ben made by health officials to trace where she contracted the virus and who she has been in contact with, she added.

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A total number of six people have died in Britain from the virus, with more than 370 confirmed cases.

Reports on the media had it that she had been in touch with hundreds of people, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

She showed signs of ailment on Friday while signing the document that declared coronavirus a notifiable disease, meaning companies could obtain insurance cover, said the paper, adding she was now believed to be on the road to recovery.

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