Abia North Must Produce The Next Governor of Abia State – Group Insists, Rejects Media Trial of Former Governor of Abia State



    The Abia North Unity Group membership is drawn from across all the five (5) Local Government Areas of Abia State; Arochukwu, Ohafia, Bende, Isuikwuato, Umunneochi and whose irrevocable objective is to ensure that a son/daughter of Abia North Senatorial Zone irrespective of Local Government Area of Origin, religion or party affiliation becomes Governor of Abia State in 2023. Arising from the weight of the allegations and the strategic status of Sen. T. A. Orji and RT. Hon. Engr. Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji in the Abia project, we needed time to reflect, consult and research. The Group has observed with shock, disbelief and consternation the deliberate orchestration
    and manipulation of the main media (Radio, T.V and Newspapers) and Social Media with fabricated, false, untrue and prejudicial comments all aimed at
    grabbing Governorship of Abia State in 2023. We hereby state as follows:

    A. That the trial by media of the immediate past former Governor of Abia
    State, His Excellency, Senator T. A. Orji and his son Rt. Hon. Engr.
    Chinedum Orji, the Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly is not acceptable to us and is at variance with rule of law and due process.
    The essence of the orchestrated and coordinated media trial is to occasion public anger and hatred on them.

    B. Whilst declaring our commitment and our acceptance of accountability in
    public offices, we state that the act of certain elements (an insignificant
    minority) who reside outside Abia State, in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt,
    etc. in trying to seize power except through lawful means is tantamount to a coup. That their actions if unchecked may lead to a breakdown of law and order in Abia State. The act of bribing and procuring young men
    and women to engage in violent mass protest without lawful
    authorization is wicked and the actions of selfish and desperate individuals who do not wish Abia well. You sit in your air conditioned offices and houses and pay thugs to cause mayhem whilst your children and other members of your family are schooling and living overseas and outside the country. Our children are not cannon fodders that can be wasted whilst yours are nowhere near Abia State or Nigeria, not to talk of participating in violent mass protest.

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    The Constitution of Nigeria and other extant laws provides the
    means through which elected public officers can cease to hold
    office. Organising trial by media on fabricated figures and none existent bank accounts and trying to use violent mass protest and rioting to compel and force elected public officers to resign their positions is uncivilized, barbaric and unknown to law and we reject them.

    D. Our laws presume the innocence of an accused person until pronounced guilty by a court of law with competent jurisdiction and our laws recognize the fact that the accused person must be allowed to defend himself/herself. In this case, neither of the two
    individuals have even been charged to a court not to talk of trial and conviction.

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    E. The quest for a son/ daughter of Abia North to be Governor of our state in 2023 is based on our unequivocal stand on fairness, justice, equity, merit and competence. It is a fact that Abia North
    Senatorial Zone actively supported Governorship going to Abia Central and Abia South Senatorial Zones. When we were
    supporting these zones, nobody mentioned the fact whether they had money or not, we were concerned with equity, justice and fairness. It is therefore annoying, insulting and disrespectful that
    some nouveau riche arriveste will have the effrontery and arrogance to brag” Abia North does not have the money to be governor” Who told you? Are you in our pockets? It is neither favour nor privilege for Abia North to get Governorship in 2023. It is our right which is over merited.

    F. Available evidence and corroborated facts have proven that those who oppose power going back to Abia North after 16 years outside the zone are the same unscrupulous individuals who are funding and coordinating the malicious, false and wicked propaganda
    against Ochendo and Ikuku on the basis that they are very favourably disposed to Governorship returning to Abia North in 2023. That these individuals who do not wish Governorship to go back to Abia North in 2023 are working in concert with a failed
    banker who single handedly liquidated a major bank in which Ibos had major stake and pride of ownership. He is also a failed gubernatorial candidate in Abia State and our courts have consistently rejected his purported claims of victory in Elections. What he cannot get through elections and Courts is what he is trying to get by fermenting civil unrest in Abia State.

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    The essence of the sponsored media attacks on Ochendo and ikuku is to cause confusion and unrest in Abia State polity and therefore scuttle power returning to Abia North in 2023. They have failed and will continue to fail.

    H. We call on everybody to allow the institutions established by law in
    cases relating to allegations of malfeasance by public officials to do their work.

    I. We call on all parents and guidance in Abia North Senatorial Zone
    to enjoin and advise our sons/daughters not to participate in any unlawful gathering or protest.

    J. Abia North Senatorial Zone is not interested in the state chairmanship of any political party in Abia State as well as the Deputy Governorship position ahead of 2023. We strongly advise
    our sons and daughters who may be offered such positions to please see them as Greek gift and reject them, because the sole intent is to subvert, undermine, short circuit and totally destroy the chance of Abia North getting Governorship in 2023.

    May Almighty God continue to keep and bless Abia State.
    Dated this 15th day of February, 2020.

    Signed :

    Hon. Barr. James Kwubiri Okpara (Coordinator)

    Hon. Barr. David Iroh( Head Media & Communication)


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